INTERNATIONAL GIFT German Silver Bowl with Embossed Tray and 2 Spoon, 4 Inch Each Full Brass with Blue/Red Velvet Box for Anniversary, Diwali and Corporate – Set of 5 Pieces


Price: ₹ 1,400.00 - ₹ 380.00
(as of Feb 03,2020 08:55:29 UTC – Details)

Silver Plated items have antique designs. The item is highly durable, elegant and a wonderful addition to your Home Decor. It comes in a Fancy red/blue colored gift box and can be readily turned into a wonderful Anniversary, Wedding, Diwali, Valentine gift item. CARE TIPS Dusting – First, use a soft brush or clean cotton cloth to dust. Removing Candle Wax – Candle wax can be removed from a silver holder by simply running hot water over the area containing the wax. The softened wax should be easy to pry out with a finger. Never risk scratching the piece by using a knife or other sharp object. Washing and Drying – Once all dust and wax are removed, wash the item by hand with warm water and a gentle dish washing soap to remove any food but don’t soak the silver in water for any length of time. Rinse the piece well with clean water, distilled is best, and dry immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. A hair-dryer set on warm helps to dry hard-to-reach places. The Occasion Of Diwali, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthdays These Items Can Be Readily Turned Into A Wonderful Gift Item.

Material: Full Brass (Handcrafted By Indian)
Warranty: 2 Year Warranty
Best Gift Options for Anniversary, Diwali and Corporate

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